Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ocean City Vacation, May 2011

We decided to take a family trip to Ocean City in May to spend some much needed time reconnecting and relaxing after a very long busy season.  We stayed in a friend's condo on 70th Street and spent most of our time either sitting on the beach or going out to dinner.  Of course, Maddie did have to check her email on her laptop.

We had the whole beach to ourselves.  Random people would pass by but for the most part, it felt like we owned the place... which was good for Maddie who seemed to get a lot of enjoyment in throwing sand everywhere.

... and also smashing all of Mommy's sandcastles.

Showing Daddy all of her seashells.  She was very proud!

Looking for more seashells with Daddy.

We took walks on both the Ocean City and Rehobeth boardwalks.  Most of the boardwalk was closed... but we still had fun just walking.  We'll have to check out the rides another time.

We spent one day on Assateague Island.  Finding as many horses as we could.  Maddie loved them.

And she loved being able to ride in Mommy's lap in the backseat.  With almost no traffic and driving 20 mph, we figured it wouldn't hurt.  Such terrible parents!

 We practiced running away from the water while on the Assateague beaches.  This was the only day without much sunshine.  Otherwise, the weather the rest of the week was sunny and cool.  Perfect for us! 

Overall, we had a really good time and look forward to going back in October... except Maddie will have to share her time with Mommy & Daddy with her new little brother on the next trip.
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Easter 2011

So I'm skipping a few months... just trying to get current. We had a great time for Easter. Spent Friday night and Saturday with my side of the family and then Sunday with Tom's side. Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun pics of Maddie in the yard and during her little egg hunt.

Another one of Maddie and her best friend.  My girls are so cute!  I can't stand it!
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