Monday, August 31, 2009

Maddie's First Time in a Bar

After Grandma's party at the hospital, the family went to "Boomer's Bar" in Essex for more celebrating. This was Maddie's first time in a bar. She really seemed to enjoy it! Uh oh!!
In this picture, Maddie shows Aunt Kim how strong her legs are.
Grandma shows Maddie the bright lights. She really loved them!
Getting late... time for a nap on Grandpa's shoulder.

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Grandma Chopper Retires!!

Grandma Chopper retired from the Johns Hopkins Children's Center on Thursday, August 27th. She was quite surprised when they threw her a retirement luncheon and all the family were there.
Don't worry, Gerry... it'll be okay!
Maddie was super excited for Grandma to retire because Grandma will help to watch her throughout the week... but unfortunately, Maddie slept through the whole party. She looks super cute in her dress though!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maddie Does Push-Ups

Maddie and I have been practicing our tummy time. For two months I was doing it on the floor and she hated it. Finally last week I decided to try it on our bed. She seems to enjoy it more. We practice little push-ups for strength. She has gotten really good at holding her head and shoulders up. In fact, today she actually used her one arm to push herself over onto her back. Is that a real "rollover"? I'm not sure but she did it about 5 times in a row.
Growing up so fast!!!
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Tom's Man Cave

During Tom's vacation time, he's decided to finally work on his "man cave". This will be his music room... a room to play, record and teach. Together Tom and I painted the old baby blue walls & ceiling a nice gray green and painted the trim a purplish brown; we tore up the old carpet, installed a new faux wood floor, installed a new light fixture and new blinds. In this picture Tom is expressing how much he loves painting!
He asked his cousin, Aaron, to come help with a built-in wall cabinet. This will be a cabinet to house all of his guitar mags, books, cds, etc. and will also frame a new flat screen TV.
This dangerous pair have been outside in the heat "working" for hours today... the cabinet (which I'm not allowed to photograph until it is completed) is starting to take shape.
We are hoping for a finished project by Labor Day. So far we are on schedule.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mornings with Maddie

My sweet little girl. I love my mornings with her. She wakes up so happy and playful. She is going to make it very difficult to get up and go to work every day.

How can you resist this little silly?
She has a goofy smile just like her Daddy when he was a baby.
She loves clutching fingers. Brings a tear!

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Mark's Birthday

Happy 50th birthday cousin Mark!!
Maddie fell asleep on the car ride to the party. She almost always sleeps in the car. Such a good girl.
Grandma Chopper snagged Maddie up almost as soon as we walked in the door of the party. She even tried to steal her at the end of the night. She'd have to fight Tom and I to get her!
The "Tiki Lounge" cake. Too cool!

We had a really good time at the party. Visiting with family, great food, silly line dancing and Grandma & Grandpa took care of Maddie nearly the whole time!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Not much new

The girls just hanging for an evening of TV watching - Zoey, Maddie & Mommy. It was a pretty decent night. Maddie slept from 9-12 and then from 12:30-4:30. Of course I woke up at least 3-4 times in that 4 hour stretch to check on her. I still have that crazy fear that I'll wake up and she won't be breathing.
This sleeper says "Rock me to sleep"... our little rock star!
You can't tell but she's staring at the dogs fighting/playing with one another on the other side of the room.
Uh oh... dogs are getting a little too close. She's trying to tell them to back it up with her evil glare.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A great night

Maddie had the best night since coming home from the hospital. She slept from 10:30 to 2:45, woke up to eat and get a diaper change and then slept from 3:15 to 6:15. It was amazing! I'm sure this will be short-lived and was only the result of not sleeping for the previous two nights but I'll try to stay hopeful.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some new pics of Maddie

Here's Maddie - a day shy of 7 weeks old. Hard to believe how fast it's gone!
This is her little jumper outfit from Aunt Monica. I love the little sandals - I've been waiting all summer for her feet to plump up to wear them... oh well... just have to put her skinny feet in them!
Look at the big silly smile!!
Maddie gets her first bath in the infant tub. I've been too nervous to use the tub and have been doing baths on a towel on the floor. She did really good in the tub but her expression said, "what the hell is this?!"
At the EYC crab feast giving the two thumbs up...
my little Fonzi! She had a good time - slept for a few hours and met some new friends and family. She looked absolutely adorable in the outfit from Grammy Geyer... way too cute to be my daughter! Taking a nap at Grandma Chopper's house in her boppy. I love the little fishies outfit from Cousin Mark & Robin.

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