Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Some Weekend Pics

This was after I picked Maddie up from daycare... she isn't smiling because she's with me, she smiles because Daddy knows how to make her laugh.
As you can see, I can't even get her to look at the camera for me!

On Saturday, we went to the Amish Market to get pumpkins. We went there because it's indoors and the weather wasn't that great. Well, they didn't have any... but we bought some fresh baked bread and candy. We'll just have to find pumpkins at one of the local farms when the weather is better.
The Ravens game wasn't televised in our area on Sunday, so we had to go out to watch it. We settled for Padonia Station. The restaurant side (where we sat) was relatively quiet but the bar side was packed and loud. Maddie was super cute in her Ravens outfit and everyone just "aaahhhh"ed all over her. This pic was taken at the end of the game (after the Ravens won) and just a few moments before Maddie accidentally kicked the entire beer onto the table & floor. Guess she had one too many!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

KIX - Rams Head Live - Sept 19th

Tom and I saw KIX at Rams Head Live this past Saturday night. Tom relived some of his youth while I just enjoyed the show.

The show opened with Foster Child out of Philly. First time that we'd heard them but they were actually really good. The guitar player was awesome and had some of the sweetest rock star movements and poses. Classic!!

Then it was Beretta Jane out of Baltimore. They currently have a song in rotation on 98 rock called "Die 4 U". They totally rocked and their bass player was all over the stage with amazing energy.

"Can we talk?" KIX was totally kick ass! Lots of energy. A sold out crowd. We positioned ourselves right behind the sound booth - see pics. And as usual, we acquired the set list from the sound guy. The set included these along with some others - "Midnite Dynamite", "Blow My Fuse", "Girl Money", "Cold Chills", "The Itch", "Sex", "She Dropped Me The Bomb", "Tear Down the Walls", "Don't Close Your Eyes" (my personal fave), and "Yeah Yeah Yeah". Steve performed the encore "Yeah" as Stevette in a green tube dress thanks to losing a bet. Hilarious!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Months Old

Maddie is 3 months old tomorrow and here are some of my favorite pics from her first official photo session (excluding her hospital pics). Isn't she a doll?! I am totally in love with this little girl!
She can be such a ham sometimes... like this pic in Grandma Chopper's favorite outfit.

She sticks her tongue out all the time... it is the cutest!

Such an angel...
Looks like somebody just told her the funniest joke in the world...
So sweet & innocent...
My tall girl - already reaches the middle of my thighs! (Of course I am a shorty though!)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ravens 1-0

Watching intently with Daddy...
We scored the first touchdown... alright!!!!
A win is a win... Maddie is happy!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Week for Maddie (and Mommy)

It was a week of firsts... my first week back to work which meant Maddie's first full day with Grandma and then her first day in daycare. I have mixed feelings on our daycare arrangement right now but at least we have some options and our munchkin seems to be handling it just fine. Her teachers said they barely heard a peep out of her all day. She would play on the floor or sit in a swing and just look around and smile.

Maddie also had a doctor's appointment and her first series of immunizations. Two shots in each thigh. They gave all 4 of them at one time and I held back the tears. Her cries were absolutely heart wrenching. And we have to do it all over again in 6 weeks.

Her current stats:
25 inches tall = 90th percentile
10 lbs 4 oz = 25th percentile
head 15 = 50th percentile

She isn't gaining weight as fast as she's growing length but we've been transitioning back and forth between formula and breastfeeding and I'm sure that once we get into a better routine with that, she'll start putting more weight on. In the meantime, she is one of the tallest babies in her daycare class but also the thinnest. She looks tiny next to some of the babies that look more like a couple of bowling balls smooshed together.

Here are some pics of her when I brought her home from her first day at daycare:
Her teachers said she clutched onto her little teddy all day... how cute!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My little thinker...

Maddie was deep in thought this morning... Once she noticed the fan, it brings some enthusiasm into her face. She is starting to get really inquisitive and sometimes I catch her focusing intently on something as if she is trying to figure something out.
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The Black Crowes - Rams Head Live - 30 August 2009

Went with Michelle to see the Black Crowes at Ram's Head this past Sunday.  She was really excited for it and I was looking forward to seeing them.  But apparently they have a boat-load of tunes I've never heard before.  But besides that it was a great show, they played awesome.

It was "An Evening With", so there was no opening band.  The setlist was as follows (I got this from here, because to be honest, I recognized one song outta the whole show):


Make Glad
A Conspiracy
A Train Still Makes A Lonely Sound
Good Morning Captain
Jam -> Bring On, Bring On
Fork In The River
Shine Along
High Head Blues
Cosmic Friend
I Ain't Hiding
What Is Home
Sting Me
Hard To Handle
Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)

- encore -
Title Song
Wiser Time
Thick N' Thin

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