Monday, April 27, 2009

B-E-A-U-TI-FUL Weekend

This past weekend we had absolutely gorgeous weather. Tom and I hosted a yard/garage sale at our house to clean out some "unused" items which have been piling up. In my nesting moments during this pregnancy I've cleaned out closets, cupboards, the garage and Tom even gave up some of his music equipment. My Mom and sister also brought some stuff to sell. Saturday was the perfect day for it and we sold over $600. With Mom and Mandy the total sales came to nearly $900. The money is being used to help pay for Maddie's nursery furniture. Maybe someday the manufacturer will take it off of backorder!!

Tom helped babysit Bailey during our yard sale activities. He was so cute with her. They even snuggled for a 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon and I wish I had taken a picture when I peeked in on them. I can tell he's going to be a great Dad. I can't wait to see him hold Maddie.

On Sunday Tom went to Hailey's 1st birthday party (daughter of Amy & Anthony) while I went to a bridal shower for Krista - my cousin Jeramiah's fiance. The bridal shower included some pretty fun games (thanks to Jess's creative mind!). I won for the best "booty" dance. Half the ladies gave up once they saw my massive behind shaking.... I think the best quote was "Well, when you have so much to shake, of course you're going to win." Thanks ladies!!

This is my quote for 34 weeks... too true!
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Some pics from the Maryland SPCA "March for the Animals" that Tom and I and the puggies participated in on April 19th. It was a really nice day for a walk and the puggies had a good time. Zoey tried to be a big tough girl and bark at the big dogs but as soon as they got close or we were in a crowded spot she shrank behind my legs and kept trying to get me to pick her up. Lenny walked in his usual fashion, pulling Tom along. A couple others from AFB walked but we couldn't find them in the crowds. We raised over $900 this year!! Thanks to everyone who helped contribute!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

32 weeks

We are just over 32 weeks... Hard to believe that Maddie will be here in less than two months and I am not even close to being ready. We do have the crib up and it is gorgeous. I really hope she loves it. Once the room is done with the rest of the furniture, I'll post pics of it.
We had our first childbirth class at the hospital last night. It was educational but also fun. A really good bonding experience for us. ("Hey babe... wanna feel my fundus?") I like that the class was taught by one of the OB nurses that we are likely going to see during our labor/delivery experience. Two more childbirth classes and then we'll have childcare classes - where we'll learn infant CPR & other safety information as well as Tom will get a chance to learn how to change a diaper... can't wait for that!
We have a pretty busy weekend coming up, so the next couple of evenings are going to be spent relaxing at home. I have a lot of trouble sleeping so getting some rest in the evening is the only way I can get out of bed on time the next morning. It's even more difficult when the puggies are so sleepy and cuddly in the morning and the weather is so ugly outside. I need some sunshine to get some of my energy back.
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Kim & Paul's Shower

Some pictures from Kim & Paul's Couples Shower this past Saturday night. A very good time!

Yummy cake from my favorite pastry chef - Providence!

The happy couple with good friend (Eli).

Aren't we cute?

A shower standard - the crazy bow hat!

Kim with Poppa Chop

Kim with Momma Chop & Eli


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snow in April!!

Why is there snow on April 8th? This is ridiculous!! Even Zoey is miffed about the snow... except that she likes to eat it as seen by the remnants on her chin... Silly Zo-Zo!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bachelorette Kim

Since all the boys went to O.C. for a golf weekend with Paul, some of us girls decided to take Kim for a little bachelorette evening on Saturday night (i.e. bar hopping throughout Middle River). We started at Jad's Crab Shack, moved on to Boomer's Bar & Grill and ended the evening at Riverwatch. Great time!!!

Kim - stop pointing that penis at me!!
Oh my... well, that's one way to drink a beer!!

Left to right: Monica, Eli, Cyndi, Preggo Michelle & Kim in center.
We all loved our penis straws!!

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What's New

The biggest news is that busy season is over. Thank you thank you thank you... April has arrived and we both survived. The next couple of months are still going to be pretty busy but we'll have the evenings and our Saturdays back.

We've started work on Maddie's room. It's been painted - a gorgeous pale sage green called "Relaxation" by Behr. I have to put the new blinds up this week and shampoo the carpet. Some of the furniture has been ordered. I've apparently caught that Mom bug where all of the little clothes are just the most incredible things ever. I've bought a couple of dresses and I've been trying to avoid shopping b/c I'm afraid I'll go crazy getting her too many clothes.

Yard work is also starting up. I cleaned out more of our flowerbeds in the backyard & mowed the grass yesterday - 3 huge bags of leaves, debris & grass clippings. Now a little trimming of the bushes, some mulching and we'll be all set. The weather was so nice that I hobbled around the backyard in a sports bra and capris - a sight to see! A good thing that our backyard is very private. Otherwise, I might have scared people!!

(And don't worry Moms - I was careful not to overdo it... I didn't lift anything heavy... I just dragged the bags slowly. And the lawn mower is self-propelled so I basically just walked behind it. Besides, the doc says I need the exercise.) Click Here to Read More..