Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Captured It...

I captured her clapping the other day... but only a few days after clapping for the first time, she is now clapping non-stop. It's really cute.

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She's just learning how to feed herself little puffs...
about half make it to the mouth, the other half on the floor and a few end up here...

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been teaching Maddie to clap over the last couple of weeks. She hadn't caught on by herself but she loved when I would take her hands and make them clap and say "yeah!!". Well, when I picked her up from daycare yesterday, she clapped when I walked in and sat on the floor with her. It looked like a little golf clap but it was the cutest thing! I was so proud of her!

It's these little things that you get to be witness to as a parent that no one else can really appreciate. Just thinking about the smile that came across her face and that little clap when she saw me coming.... sigh... hard to describe. I was practically in tears but incredibly happy at the same time. Click Here to Read More..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ravens Playoff Game

Tom & Patty hosted a Ravens party for the Ravens / Colts playoff game. Well, the result of the game isn't what we had hoped for but at least we had a great time at the party.

Purple jello shooters... grape with coconut rum... super yum!!!

Daddy's drink... Maddie's drink... Mommy's drink.
Maddie has purple pride with her beads on!

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Playing in a Fort

Maddie isn't too impressed when the camera flashes in her face... Posing the whole family is just about impossible... and Maddie doesn't like the flash - probably b/c the pink eye was still bothering her at this point.
I became part of her play fort.
We built her a fort on our bed while we folded laundry.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink Eye Baby

Thursday morning: eyes looked a little goopy when I woke her up (kinda gross)
Thursday evening: greenish-yellow goop (totally gross!)
Friday morning: eyes totally crusted over (uh-oh, time for the doctor)
Friday noon: visit to doctor to get antibiotics
Friday afternoon/evening: miserable baby

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Sleeping Position

I go in to check on Maddie before I go to bed... and this is what I find. This is one of her favorite sleeping positions. Seriously...
How is this comfortable?!
A close-up of her face smooshed into the mattress.

Fortunately, she didn't even wake up from the flash of the camera. She did roll her head the other direction though.

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Maddie on Rock Band

Daddy on guitar... momma on the drums... baby on the mic!!
This face says... "I don't like this song."
This one is much better. She couldn't exactly sing the songs but she could tap the mic!
My favorite... throwing up the horns while singing (eerrr... or eating the mic)! What a rock star!!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shaking the Head

Maddie is going through a phase of always wanting to shake her head.
It's cute... but should we be concerned?

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Bath Time!

What a silly! This might be my favorite!!
So modest... hiding all the private parts with her duckies.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Smart Baby

She uses her elbows to prop up her bottle... that's not lazy, that's brilliant!
(also, did you notice the cute little wrist rolls? love them!!)
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Candy Lane, Hershey, PA

Hershey Park opens up a portion of the park during November & December and calls it "Christmas Candylane". Basically all the kiddie rides are open and everything is decorated for the holidays, and there are light shows and other entertainment & shopping. We decided to check it out and see if it could be something to start as a little family holiday tradition. Knowing that Maddie would still be too young for most of the rides, we asked Mandy & Austin if they wanted to take Bailey because we were pretty sure she would love the rides.

Here we are in front of the gorgeous Christmas tree inside Chocolate World. We did the chocolate-making tour ride and Maddie really enjoyed it. She had a wide-eyed stare at all the different screens and talking cows and the lights. Maddie wasn't sure what to make of the characters, but at least she didn't freak out.
Loved the carousel! She smiled and laughed as we passed the crowd of people in line.
Trying to teach her to wave... not much luck with that yet.
Waiting in line.
The train ride was our favorite.
This ride moved a little too fast for Maddie so we let Mandy & Bailey go themselves.You can't really see us, but Maddie and I are in the seat behind Mandy & Bailey on this one. The rides are so tiny to accomodate the little people - so we had to squeeze in tight. This is why you don't see any pictures of Austin or Tom getting on the rides.
Maddie was too little to ride alone... maybe next year. Bailey was all smiles on this one.
I think we will come back again next year with a couple conditions... come earlier while the weather is a little warmer and stay long enough for the light shows. The whole thing only cost us around $25 for the tickets, parking & hot chocolate. Not bad at all!

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Christmas Stuff

Some pics from Christmas...

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house in Shippensburg where we exchanged gifts with my parents and siblings. We had dinner and also played cards and other games, including playing bowling and tennis on the new Wii that we went together to give to my parents this year.
Little Miss Bailey

Maddie received a lot of very nice clothes, toys, eating utensils, etc. But her favorite thing was playing with & trying to eat the paper... thanks everyone!!

On Christmas morning, we got ready for the Chopper family to come to our house for dinner. I thought dinner was pretty good and I want to use some of the recipes again.

Here was the menu:
Cheese/Cracker/Pepperoni Tray
Meatballs in Spicy Sauce
Crescent Holiday Tree (see picture)
Glazed Baked Ham
Seven Layer Salad (my favorite dish)
Hasselback Potatoes (these were iffy)
Green Bean Casserole (a new & much more complicated recipe with bacon & mushrooms & a homemade cream sauce but it was really good)
Crescent Bacon-Cheese Tartlets (these were excellent and so easy!)
Bread Pudding (thanks Kim!!)
Chocolate Cake (thanks Gerry!!)

Santa brought Maddie a lot of toys, videos, books & more eating utensils.

Once again... she loved the paper.

Grandpa Chopper played a really good Santa... despite how itchy & hot it was. Thanks Grandpa!!
Overall, we had a really nice Christmas. We tried to relax as much as possible and not try to go to a lot of different events & wear ourselves out but rather just enjoy the holiday as a new family... so we still have many friends & family that we haven't had a chance to meet up with over the holidays but we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (even though it's over) and very Happy New Year (even though it's already begun).

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