Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some new pics of Maddie

Here's Maddie - a day shy of 7 weeks old. Hard to believe how fast it's gone!
This is her little jumper outfit from Aunt Monica. I love the little sandals - I've been waiting all summer for her feet to plump up to wear them... oh well... just have to put her skinny feet in them!
Look at the big silly smile!!
Maddie gets her first bath in the infant tub. I've been too nervous to use the tub and have been doing baths on a towel on the floor. She did really good in the tub but her expression said, "what the hell is this?!"
At the EYC crab feast giving the two thumbs up...
my little Fonzi! She had a good time - slept for a few hours and met some new friends and family. She looked absolutely adorable in the outfit from Grammy Geyer... way too cute to be my daughter! Taking a nap at Grandma Chopper's house in her boppy. I love the little fishies outfit from Cousin Mark & Robin.

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Aunt Kim said...

Silly girl! She's so expressive!