Monday, December 7, 2009

Recent Pics

Maddie plays in her activity seat in front of the Christmas tree. I thought she'd enjoy the lights. But she really didn't seem to care about them.

The tree - I went with more white this year... and a lot of little "baby" ornaments. There are even a few ornaments from Tom's childhood Christmas tree.
Zoey found a straw bink somewhere.
It's her new favorite toy. What a cutie!!
It is funny how much Maddie loves the puggies. She laughs at them and is always reaching out to pet and hug them. And she tries to bury her face in them. They of course love her back & show it by always sitting close to her. Lenny has become "the protector". He always wants to lay by her crib when she goes down for a nap.

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Kim said...

Your tree looks gorgeous! Zo~Zo! Crazy girl! Too cute!