Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Blizzard We'll Never Forget

The 30+ inches of snow that we got from February 9-11th. As the snow melted over the following week, the icycles above the front door were over 6 ft long and nearly touched the drifts below. They were about 5 inches in diameter at the top. Crazy!
The view when I opened the back door of the garage. The drifting was so high back there that you can't see our table/chairs or the hot tub.
This was the first pass of the snow blower. It left about 4-5 inches of snow behind that we had to go back over and re-blow because the snow was so high.
That's our mailbox out there. And that was before the snow plow came through and buried it.
The view when we opened the garage door. Fortunately my car was in the garage but Tom's Sequoia is too tall to pull in so it becomes quite a pain to clean off.

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