Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obliviousness and Hypocrisy

Why is it that some people can't see the forest for the trees (I love that quote - bonus points if you can name where it came from)? Why is it that people can say one thing and turn right around and do another (that flies in the face of that which they stated) - without even realizing it? Or do they realize it? If they do, that's bad, it’s... well hypocritical – and I hate hypocrites. Now don’t get me wrong, nobody has the moral fiber of Jesus Christ, and God knows I’ve f’d up before, but how can you CONSISTENTLY say “I intentionally don’t do “X” because my reputation might suffer” and then turn around and intentionally do something (on multiple occasions, in front of a lot of people) that any rational person would perceive as hurting your reputation/embarrassing (or at least developing a not-so-good one, i.e. developing a reputation as a dill weed)??

Is it hypocrisy, self-delusion, idiocy, naïveté, all of the above…?

Triple bonus points (and a free drink) if you know of whom I am referring

What really bothers me about this kind of situation is that I can see it coming a mile away. I saw this happening long before it did…

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