Monday, August 4, 2008

Poison - July 31st, 2008 Bristow VA Nissan Pavilion

Saw the "Live Raw and Uncut" tour with Poison, Dokken, and Sebastian Bach last Thursday at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow,VA . It was my 1st time seeing Poison and Dokken and 2nd with Bach (the first was when Skid Row opened up for G 'n R, back in '92). "Horns up" like it was 1988 all over again!!

Bach went on around 7 with a cover of Aerosmith's "Back In The Saddle". He played a 45 minute set that included all of the big Skid Row hits plus a few new ones from his new album "Angel Down". One of the most high energy frontmen I've ever seen and his voice hasn't changed a bit. "Metal" Mike Chlasciak was on guitar - not so good (in my opinion). Johnny Chromatic I thought was a little better. Sound was kinda crappy though. Still a great show though.

Set list:

Back In The Saddle
Slave To The Grind
Stuck Inside
18 & Life
American Metalhead
Stabbin' Daggers
Monkey Business
You Don't Understand
I Remember You
Youth Gone Wild

At around 8, Dokken hit the stage with the classic "Kiss of Death". They played about 40 minutes. Honestly, I think this was my favorite set of the three (definitely the heaviest).

Don mentioned that his mom died that morning so best wishes to Don and his family and I congratulate him for playing in spite of that. Sound was also better then for Bach, Don's mic was a little low at 1st but it was fixed after a few songs.

Set list:

Kiss of Death
Into The Fire
Standing On The Outside
Just Got Lucky
Breaking The Chains
Alone Again
Tooth and Nail
In My Dreams

At around 9:15 Poison took the stage with "Look What The Cat Dragged In". Poison had the best sound mix of the night.

Set list:

Look What The Cat Dragged In
I Want Action
Ride The Wind
I Won't Forget You
What I Like About You
Guitar solo
Something To Believe In
Your Mama Don't Dance
Drum Solo
Unskinny Bop
Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Fallen Angel
Talk Dirty to Me

Nothin' But A Good Time

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