Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm finally feeling some movement out of little Maddie. I'm at 23 weeks and I had almost given up on the idea that I'd be able to feel her. On Sunday morning, I was using an at-home heartbeat monitor (Thanks for lending it to me Mandy!!) - I've had no luck with this thing so far - but having it strapped on my stomach helped me to notice some kicking. Every couple of seconds for a full 10 minutes there it was! It was totally cool. Then again on Sunday night, while watching TV, she was at it again. Amazing!

It says that at this point she should be 11 inches and just over a pound. And she should be able to hear & identify sounds and my movements. So I'm thinking that maybe the dancing I was doing on Saturday night might have prompted her to stretch her legs and start her own little dancing on Sunday morning. And maybe it was listening to the music of the Grammy's on Sunday night that had her up and going.

I've also been listening to "Rockabye Baby" Lullaby CDs. These are the coolest thing! I ordered Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley to get Maddie started. She is definitely going to be a little rock star!

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