Monday, March 16, 2009

Trip to NYC

I've determined that people traveling on trains are incredibly rude. On my trip to NYC on Sunday, I get on the train & everybody is sitting in the aisle seat with their crap on the other seat and wouldn't offer to let me sit down. I had to walk through 3 cars with the train moving before I gave up and just started asking people if they'd mind if I could sit down. And of course, no one offered to help when I had to lift my bag up over my head into the overhead bin. Whoever said that people are nicer to you when you are pregnant must not have taken a ride on Amtrak!

After I was finally settled in, I was watching other people. At the next stop, a man got off the train and the lady who was next to him immediately put down his tray table and put an extra magazine and bottle of water on it so that no one else would sit there the rest of her trip. People are unbelievable!

A 2 1/2 hour train ride and a near-death cab ride later, I was checked into the hotel and puking from the anxiety and an upset stomach. Lovely way to start the week!!

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