Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Stuff

Some pics from Christmas...

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house in Shippensburg where we exchanged gifts with my parents and siblings. We had dinner and also played cards and other games, including playing bowling and tennis on the new Wii that we went together to give to my parents this year.
Little Miss Bailey

Maddie received a lot of very nice clothes, toys, eating utensils, etc. But her favorite thing was playing with & trying to eat the paper... thanks everyone!!

On Christmas morning, we got ready for the Chopper family to come to our house for dinner. I thought dinner was pretty good and I want to use some of the recipes again.

Here was the menu:
Cheese/Cracker/Pepperoni Tray
Meatballs in Spicy Sauce
Crescent Holiday Tree (see picture)
Glazed Baked Ham
Seven Layer Salad (my favorite dish)
Hasselback Potatoes (these were iffy)
Green Bean Casserole (a new & much more complicated recipe with bacon & mushrooms & a homemade cream sauce but it was really good)
Crescent Bacon-Cheese Tartlets (these were excellent and so easy!)
Bread Pudding (thanks Kim!!)
Chocolate Cake (thanks Gerry!!)

Santa brought Maddie a lot of toys, videos, books & more eating utensils.

Once again... she loved the paper.

Grandpa Chopper played a really good Santa... despite how itchy & hot it was. Thanks Grandpa!!
Overall, we had a really nice Christmas. We tried to relax as much as possible and not try to go to a lot of different events & wear ourselves out but rather just enjoy the holiday as a new family... so we still have many friends & family that we haven't had a chance to meet up with over the holidays but we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (even though it's over) and very Happy New Year (even though it's already begun).

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