Friday, August 8, 2008

Metal Masters - August 7, 2008 Bristow VA Nissan Pavilion

Ok - so here's the skinny - Testament, Motorhead, Sabbath (dio version aka Heaven and Hell), and Priest. My first time for Testament and Motorhead and second for HnH and Priest.

Testament opened. These guys are great live. It's just a shame the set list was so damned short.

Here it is:

Breaks between groups were only 15 minutes or so, so not too much down time.
Next up was Motorhead

Motorhead's Setlist:

Then came Heaven and Hell.

Set list:

Then finally, Judas Priest.

This was the one setlist that Michelle wasn't able to get, so I have to go off of my chicken scratch... here it is:

  1. ??? (new track - the other bogs name two songs, but I only remember one being played - Dawn Of Creation and Prophecy
  2. Metal Gods
  3. Eat Me Alive
  4. Between the Hammer and the Anvil
  5. Devil's Child
  6. Breakin the Law
  7. Night Crawler -
  8. Dissident Aggressor
  9. Angels (new track)
  10. the Hellion/Electric Eye
  11. Rock Hard Ride Free
  12. (Drum Solo)
  13. Painkiller
  1. Hell Bent for Leather
  2. ??? (the other blogs say The Green Manalishi, but I couldn't tell ya)
  3. You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Here's a link to another blog about the show:

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