Friday, August 8, 2008

Numero Uno

Well, since my name is attached, I assume it's about time I actually post a message.

Responses to Tom's previous blogs:
1. Smoking - Suck it up dude... you'll be better for it in the long run. And from where I'm standing, I've been seeing a lot of "cheating" going on.

2. Hypocrisy quiz - This is far too obvious to me. I am not fair competition to answer this.

3. Poison Show - Well, you didn't make out with Bret Michaels as I requested so I am very disappointed in that regard but at least I got a stinkin' tshirt out of it. Glad you enjoyed the show and some "guy time" with English Jason.

Latest and Greatest:
We went to Metal Masters last night. Although I really wanted to pack little Dio up and bring him home in my purse - I settled on obtaining 3 out of 4 set lists for the night... That's right fuckers - $36 in beers & a little flirting with the sound guy will get you the set list for:

1. Testament (not exactly my cup of tea),
2. Motorhead (Lemmy rules!!! plus I got to stand next to Mickey's wife and kids for the entire set) and
3. Heaven 'n Hell (Dio is the greatest "storytelling" lead singer of metal and most other genres of music I've had the opportunity to watch. I love love love Tony Iommi - that dark sound is incredible. Favorite tunes of the night - "Sign of the Southern Cross", "Heaven and Hell" and "Children of the Sea").

I was unable to acquire the set list for Judas Priest - however I did get a couple guitar picks from Priest & Motorhead instead. Priest was pretty cool as well but not as fond of them as HnH. I'm sure Tom's post will include all the details of this concert because he had an absolute blast! The 5 Bud Ice on the ride to Nissan and the 6 24 oz Bud Light cans inside the pavilion definitely put him in concert zone.... how you feeling this morning honey?! Ha!!

On the Horizon:
Lots of fun stuff going on... I'll have to start posting some pics from the summer activities. Stay tuned....

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