Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Big Party of Summer 2008

This past weekend was Labor Day Weekend and we hosted our 3rd Annual Labor Day Party. There were close to 30 adults and 6 kids. Lots to eat and drink and plenty of activities. A good time was had by all and a few lessons learned as well...

1. Need to establish "House Rules" for beer pong. Lots of confusion here... still not sure what the issue is but apparently some are more competitive than others... Isn't the object of the game to just have a backdrop for drinking?

2. Need to enforce age limit on Slip 'N Slide. Although this can be entertaining for people of all ages (when used properly), the object of the slip 'n slide was for the little ones who are too small to be in the pool with the big kids but still have fun getting wet... when not enforced it is (1) too dangerous for bigger kids and (2) I'll be nursing my grass back to health till next spring. ugh!

3. Obtain extra gladware to distribute leftovers... If I see another baked bean or macaroni, I might just go into convulsions. And we all know that I didn't need half a 7-up cake to finish off myself... a score for the tastebuds but negative score for the thighs. (No, I didn't actually finish it all off... just a piece... okay, two pieces.)

4. CAMERA?! Didn't realize until much too late that I never got the camera out... thus no pictures in the post or to add to snapfish, facebook, myspace, etc. (although... this means one less thing to do!)

Well, that's a summary of some of the lessons that we'll have to incorporate into next summer's parties. For this year, the pool will only be open a few more weeks... and the Tiki Bar will close shortly after... and then the holidays will be here. How depressing!

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The McLaughlin Family said...

We had a great time. Thanks for having us. Also, I loved the 7 up cake and could have eaten the other half for you except I have baby weight to drop! YUM O.