Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lenny's Surgery

The surgery was successful... but scary...

Lenny had to go to the vet for surgery today. Many of you know that some of his nicknames are "Mr. SnaggleTooth" and "Mr. StinkyBreath". Well, at his last vet visit a few weeks ago, the decision was finally made that he definitely needed some dental work. To what extent, we weren't sure b/c Lenny hates having his mouth touched and the only way to survey the damage would be to put him under general anesthesia. In addition, Lenny developed a lump of fatty tissue on his underbelly about 2 months ago and we elected to have it removed (even though the vet thought it was fine) since he would already be asleep and we didn't want to put him through a second surgery a year from now.

So after tons of snuggling and dozens of hugs and kisses and having Mommy sing him his favorite song ("Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon), he marched to the vet's office in true "General" fashion. He was out for several hours, had 14 teeth pulled, the rest were sandblasted, the lump was removed, a mole at his ear and the mole on his upper lip were removed. He is currently recovering and most likely enjoying the painkillers. I'm sure he'll be back on his feet soon enough - scanning the perimeter of the yard, barking at anyone that passes by the front window of the house, and humping the life out of his stuffed doggie.

He will remain Mr. Snaggletooth (with the few teeth he has left) but hopefully no more Mr. StinkyBreath.

So my words of wisdom for all you dog owners out there... start brushing those teeth early! Get them used to you sticking your hands in their mouth and touching their teeth! If it's part of their routine, it is sooo much easier... the same with cleaning those ears and clipping the nails.

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