Monday, September 29, 2008

St. Lucia

A fabulous vacation! Beautiful water, warm, great food, lots of fun, very relaxing... I savored the sand on my feet up until the very last moment before we had to head off to the airport.

A tasty beverage on the beach at the Sandals Grande.
Fresh steamed rock lobster at the "Jump Up" street party.
Our perfect stretch of beach at the Sandals Regency... soft sand & crystal clear 80 degree water.
On a catamaran tour to the Piton volcanic mountain.
Visiting the waterfall at the Botanical Gardens.
Riding the zip lines through the rain forest.
A beautiful sunset before dinner.

It seems impossible to have such an incredible week and then have to come home to rainy cold weather. I'll be counting down the months until next summer and my next opportunity to lay on a beach with a cold beverage and a good book.

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