Monday, April 6, 2009

What's New

The biggest news is that busy season is over. Thank you thank you thank you... April has arrived and we both survived. The next couple of months are still going to be pretty busy but we'll have the evenings and our Saturdays back.

We've started work on Maddie's room. It's been painted - a gorgeous pale sage green called "Relaxation" by Behr. I have to put the new blinds up this week and shampoo the carpet. Some of the furniture has been ordered. I've apparently caught that Mom bug where all of the little clothes are just the most incredible things ever. I've bought a couple of dresses and I've been trying to avoid shopping b/c I'm afraid I'll go crazy getting her too many clothes.

Yard work is also starting up. I cleaned out more of our flowerbeds in the backyard & mowed the grass yesterday - 3 huge bags of leaves, debris & grass clippings. Now a little trimming of the bushes, some mulching and we'll be all set. The weather was so nice that I hobbled around the backyard in a sports bra and capris - a sight to see! A good thing that our backyard is very private. Otherwise, I might have scared people!!

(And don't worry Moms - I was careful not to overdo it... I didn't lift anything heavy... I just dragged the bags slowly. And the lawn mower is self-propelled so I basically just walked behind it. Besides, the doc says I need the exercise.)

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