Friday, April 29, 2011

Around the House in December 2010

I took a ton of pictures throughout late November and early December... primarily because I was trying to capture the perfect picture for our Christmas cards this year.  I love her devilish grin in this one.  That little face makes me melt every time!
 Throughout this blog you will see a lot of pictures of Maddie hugging the dogs (especially Zoey).  They really are her "best friends" and she loves on them all the time.  Maddie and Zoey are like little snuggle buddies on the couch every evening watching Snow White or some other "princess!" movie.
 The visit with Santa didn't go too well.  Maddie was clearly afraid and would not sit on his lap, so these two pics were as close as she would get.

 Sharing her new wagon with Zoey.  She LOVES this wagon!  We stash a lot of toys in it but she is always climbing in and out and moving her toys in and out of it.  Now that the weather is getting nice, I look forward to pulling her around the neighborhood in her wagon.
 Sharing some Christmas treats with her puppies.
 Maddie was really fascinated with the Christmas tree this year.  She knew where all the personal ornaments were (the puppy, the bear, the snowman, the baby, etc.) and she LOVED looking at her reflection in the glass ornaments.

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Aunt Nim said...

Man she's grown since then! She's so tiny in these pics!