Saturday, April 9, 2011

July 2010

In July we made the long drive to Orlando, Florida.  We stopped over in Savannah, Georgia for a night and enjoyed a relaxing evening at the hotel eating dinner and playing in the pool.  We made it to Daytona for lunch the next day.  Maddie handled the car ride really well.  This was her first time on the beach and she wasn't really sure how to react.
 We stayed at the Orange Lake Resort and spent a lot of time in the various pools throughout the resort.  Maddie LOVED the water!
 One day we took Maddie to the zoo and she saw all kinds of animals, reptiles and birds.
 There was even a "petting" area. 
 Out to dinner at the Boardwalk Disney.  It was fun to watch the variety acts and play a few games on the Boardwalk.
 One of the pools at Orange Lake has a slide.  Maddie went down a few times with Mommy & Daddy and really enjoyed it.
 Minnie Maddie... her first trip to Florida was a blast and we are anxious to make it an annual family adventure.

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