Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big News!

Tom and I are very happy to announce that our family is expanding!

Yes, my waistline is very quickly expanding due to being pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby! I am due June 8th, 2009.
Right now the baby is about an inch long and the size of a grape. We've already had our first doctor's appointment, saw the heartbeat and were relieved to find that everything looks normal. Our next appointment is the week of Thanksgiving. We should be finding out the sex (if the baby cooperates at the first shot) the week of Christmas.
So far, I've been doing okay - not the best. A lot of nausea and very exhausted. The so-called "morning sickness" is basically all day long and makes it pretty difficult to concentrate at work. I'm hopeful that this clears up in the next couple of weeks though.
We'll keep you posted!

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The McLaughlin Family said...

Congrats to you both. I'm really happy for you guys!