Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Weekend...

Last weekend was something of an "eye-opener" for Tom and me.

On Saturday we went to the birthday party of Tom's goddaughter, Jordyn, who turned 3. As soon as we walked in, we realized we forgot the one accessory that every other parent brought... a screaming child with a sugar high. There were about a dozen or so kids between the ages of 1 to 5... this was the same number as the adults and yet we felt very outnumbered. Jordyn was adorable and very well-behaved considering the surroundings. One little piece of information we are going to store away for the day we have a dozen kids running in the backyard - the moon bounce is a HUGE attention getter and keeper. Those kids would have stayed in there all day if they could have. Despite the mayheim, we want to wish little Jordy a very happy birthday!!! We love you sweetie!!

On Sunday we went to another birthday party. This one for our goddaughter and niece, Bailey, who turned 1. A much different scene as there were only two other children (my nieces Shawna & Elizabeth) and a 5-month old friend who were there with the 25 adults to help Bailey celebrate. My sister and brother-in-law (Mandy & Austin) had prepared a really neat picture and video slideshow that we watched while we ate. It was crazy to realize how much Bailey had grown and matured (weird description for a baby - but it's true) in just one short year. Bailey had no idea what to do with her little cake so she just stared at the icing on her hands like it was really icky. Give her a few years and she will appreciate the value of cake & ice cream!! Bailey's favorite gifts were a talking Elmo that made her laugh, books - she absolutely loves books, and her baby Einstein videos that she immediately recognized the music and got up to clap and dance. Bailey is such a doll. I got to spend time playing with her and her new toys while Mandy cleaned up the party - what a treat! We love you little munchkin!!

We are counting down the weeks until we have our own little one to introduce to "her" cousins and friends... (FYI: I'll probably switch between him and her until we actually know the sex). But until then, we'll just continue keeping notes - which will inevitably be thrown out the window once we actually have a child. And I will continue in my current state of "Prego Hangover" - nauseus, headachey & moody, exhausted & throwing up every day. Good times!

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