Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekly Update

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The baby is currently about 1 1/2 inches long (the size of a fig). She is supposed to be almost fully formed but I won't know until my next ultrasound. She is also supposed to be kicking and stretching and hiccupping but I can't really feel that yet... maybe by Christmas.

As for me... well, not much has changed. The nausea has gone down just a little bit but there are still episodes of running to the bathroom (ex: Tom ordered pizza for his dinner last night and it had bacon on it... as soon as it came through the door my stomach turned and off I ran). It seems that with the nausea going down, the headaches have increased. I need to talk to my doctor about it next week b/c I'm getting 2-3 a week and I feel like I have to take a lot of Tylenol to get any effect.
I had a fun little shopping trip with Tom's mom on Saturday... my first trip to "Destination Maternity". I got several tops that will fit both now and hopefully through a good bit of the pregnancy. Thank god they actually have normal clothes and I don't have to wear a muu-muu or worse yet, something that looks like it's made for a 3 yr old - ribbons, bows, ruffles - yuck! I am torn though whether the highlight of the trip was the shopping or the most fabulous pretzel I have ever eaten from Auntie Anne's... It's a toss-up!!

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