Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a Girl!!!

We had our sonogram yesterday and found out that we're having a little girl!

We were very anxious for this visit but trying not to get our hopes up because it seems a lot of people have trouble getting a good shot on their first try. I was particularly concerned because I was sick on Monday - I think it was some kind of stomach bug that had me running to the bathroom all day and also pretty bad cramping. I still managed to work all day (gotta love busy season) and just used antibacterial wipes on everything I touched. But anyways...

Madison Emily Chopper was pretty cooperative during our sonogram. She squirmed from one side of my belly to the other but she didn't hide the hoo hoo. She looked very healthy and all the vital organs appeared to be developing properly. We were able to get a couple of pictures and she has a very cute profile.... okay, no you can't really see that well, but the doctor said it was cute and I'll trust her opinion for now. Her weight was below the average (9 ounces vs. 11-12 ounces) but nothing to be alarmed about according to the doctor. It's probably a result of me being so sick during the first trimester and not gaining a lot of weight. I'm sure we'll make up for it during this second trimester because I finally have an appetite and seem to be holding food down pretty well (excluding that darn stomach bug).

Speaking of eating - it seems there a couple of questions that everyone asks: (1) the due date (2) what we're having - now I'll have a response and (3) any cravings. Well, let me respond regarding the cravings. No there aren't any weird cravings - no peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. But I definitely crave certain foods at certain times. Example: I learned a long time ago not to buy groceries while you're hungry but while buying groceries last week, I was passing the Little Debbie display and despite not being hungry, I had to have an oatmeal cream pie. So I grabbed a box, pulled one out and ate while I finished shopping. Another Example: I like bagels but I never had a habit of eating bagels for breakfast. Lately, I will wake up and can taste the cream cheese and a smear of jelly. So I've had to start buying bagels and cream cheese or I've had to stop at the Big Apple Bagel on my way to work if there weren't any in the house. These kinds of cravings aren't difficult to fulfill but sometimes it's a pain (and expensive) when you plan on eating something for lunch, pack it in the morning and then at noon you absolutely need something else and have to run out and pick it up. And it can be frustrating when you are hungry for dinner but can't think of a single thing that will satisfy it and nothing seems appetizing to you.

A good thing is that I've really been enjoying a lot of fresh fruit. I've been buying pineapples, strawberries, apples, etc. and they are very satisfying. And also milk. I was never a big milk person (lactose intolerant), but this entire pregnancy I've had milk almost every day without any problems. Of course, most of the time it also has chocolate syrup in it, but hey - the baby's getting milk and that's good, right?!


Tom said...

I can vouch for that - she really did look cute :)

kimchop said...

Of course Maddie's a little cutie! Look at her parents ~ nothing but good-looking genes there!

Soon to Be Aunt Mandy said...

You should try and post the sonogram pics on here. I can vouch for the packing a lunch and needing something different come lunch time. That was me every day!