Saturday, January 17, 2009

Maddie Sees Metallica

Well, Maddie is definitely going to be a rock star... or at the very least, she will be exposed to some awesome rock and metal music. In her very short 20 weeks in the womb, she has seen Joe Satriani, The TranSiberian Orchestra, AC/DC and now to top it off - METALLICA!!!!
Here are some pics of the show at DC's Verizon Center from our seats... the show was sold out and the place was packed with people of all ages (12 year olds to 60 year olds) and every one of them was throwing up the fist and the horns.
Here's a view from our seats (Sec 118 Row R)
From our seats with the lights on...
Here's a couple pics of the tour that I found online...

James (or as Tom kept saying- the "pussy" b/c Metallica requested that no beer be sold once they hit the stage)

Kirk (nice ESP - where have I seen that before?)

Lars (drum kit in center stage but he insisted on jumping off during the show so he could spit his water on the crowd... the crowd actually loved it I think)

Robert (newest addition to the band but still kickass on the older stuff)
And as you may recall from some of my other posts - my concert mission is always to try to get a copy of the set list... and no, I'm not referring to going online and downloading it. Well, this concert was no different. We weren't near the sound boards or the stage, so I wasn't sure if it would happen. At one point, I had to exit our section (due to a certain sweet odor in the air) and as I made my way to exit, I noticed that there were some lighting boards at the back of our section. The dudes had to have set lists of some kind so I ventured back there during the encore and the guy gave me his copy. I didn't have to flirt or buy him a beer or anything (see Metal Masters Tour). So here is the list (italics mine):
house song (tape)
ecstasy of gold (tape) - this starts every concert and we also used it to start the intros at our wedding reception
heartbeat (tape) - this is the intro on the new album "Death Magnetic"
one (tape)
ONE - this was freaking amazing
rob solo
roam (tape)
nightmare (tape)
kirk solo
PUPPETZ - they did the full album version... this is my personal favorite
battery (tape)
kirk doodling
NOTHING - JoshMan used this song as a basis for our prelude music in our wedding

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