Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things I miss while pregnant

There are so many restrictions when you are pregnant... some of these aren't that important and some are just downright irritating. I'm limiting this discussion to the food/drink category.

Example: Steaks
I have always been a medium rare kind of girl. In my opinion, cooking all the pink out of the meat just cooks the taste away. I was reminded again this evening of how much this ticks me off. We ordered in dinner at work from Outback. I got a steakhouse salad and had to order medium well. Result - nearly tasteless steak. Ugh.

Example: Alcohol
I've actually been pretty good with this one. But sometimes you don't realize you miss something until you get a little taste. The other weekend we hosted my parents 30th anniversary dinner at our house (Congrats Mom & Dad!!) and while I was cooking, I stole a swig of Smirnoff Grape from my sister's bottle.... OMG! I don't remember it tasting so good. It was like tasting it again for the first time. A heavenly experience. Now I crave it like crazy!!

Example: Seafood
Being limited to 3 oz of seafood a week is ridiculous. Do you realize how hard this is when seafood is one of your favorite foods? No crabs - that also means no crab soup, no cream of crab, no crap dip, no crab pretzel, etc. And what about scallops - my favorite. Even a simple thing like tuna - I used to eat probably 2 tuna sandwiches a week. Now I don't eat any b/c I try to save my seafood limit for the weekends so I can order it at a restaurant.

Example: Caffeine
This hasn't been a big deal b/c you can get almost anything caffeine free - soda, tea, lemonade, etc. But if you have always had caffeine in your diet every day... guess what happens when you don't get it. A freakin' headache!!! I get one almost every day now and no amount of Tylenol will take it away. Tylenol is another irritant - its totally worthless to me. I miss the days of Excedrin use.

Anyways, I could go on and on... but those are some of my recent rants. I know all those who have been through pregnancy know what I'm talking about... and for those that haven't - you're not my friend anymore... well, maybe you are... but only if you let me swig some of that Smirnoff Grape!


Anonymous said...

I just went through and read everything. Girl you better stay away from the GRAPE! Everything was very interesting and I loved the pictures. Tell Tom he looks so cute! I wondered about those PJ's the other week when I saw them laying on the hamper. I didn't know he really wanted a pair. Up date us on what foods have you not been able to get enough of. Call me!

The McLaughlin Family said...

Wait till you drink for the first time after you have the baby. That's when your realize you can't drink like you did pre-pregnancy. 1 beer and your done. That's good times. It's taken me almost a year to be able to drink 4 beers and not make a total ass of myself.